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About us

Location, information about Nemesbük

  • This village is 4 kilometres from Hévíz with approximately 700 inhabitants.
  • The spa lake in Hévíz, is a biologically active, 4.4 ha surface natural lake. The stream that feeds the world known, unique lake from 38 metres deep. The temperature of the water can be as high as 38 Celsius in the summer but not dropping lower than 22 Celsius in the winter time. There are a large variety of health treatments available in Hévíz that are very effective for rheumatics disorders. In addition, we experienced that its special water can also help with stomach and digestion problems as well. The plantation and wildlife is incredibly interesting, the water ninfea is the symbol of the area.
  • Nemesbük is located 13 km from Keszthely city and the south-west shore of Lake Balaton.
  • Austria is nearby, easy to drive there, Wien is only 193 km away.
  • If we take Germany as an example, our facility is 560 km from München and 864 km from Berlin.


Visiting schedule

  • We would like to ask family members that they plan their visiting time outside of the main eating schedule (breakfast is between 8 am and 9 am, lunch is between 12 am and 1 pm, supper is between 5 pm and 6 pm!
  • The time within - in the sake of trouble free daily routine - we are happy to see our visitors both weekdays and weekends!
  • You can call your loved ones any time, but please call before 8 pm if possible. We try to keep our residents resting time undisturbed as much as possible.
  • The directors of the Nursing Home can be reached by mobile phone any time.
  • In case of family members wish to spend more time with their loved ones, we can help to arrange accommodation in various apartments in Hévíz.

Important information for those who are intersted in our Nursing Home

If you are interested in our facility and services based on the information you found on our website, please contact us via our phone or email address so we can schedule a personal appointment meeting:

We think it is very important to give you a subjective experience about our facility and for that, a personal meeting and tour around the house is inevitable. At this time it is possible to see the services in more detail, the rules how to get in, the costs and get answers for more other questions that may arise.


We would love to hear about you!



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