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Residents of the Nursing Home (twilight home)

  • The residental home accepts elredly people, those who have special disesases comes with old age (for example dementia, Alzheimer, rehabilitation after seizure).
  • Only psychiatric case can be exception of being a resident in the facility (dementia is an exception!).
  • There are no low nor high age limitation of residents.
  • It is a multicultural environment, so our Nursing Home can bravely be called "open". There are no restrictions for citizenship and nothing shows that better than looking at our residents: we have Hungarian, Austrian, Swiss, American and Finnish people here as well.
  • The variety of nations and cultures do not cause a problem in communication, furthermore it makes daily life a lot more exciting and colorful.
  • There are no communication barriers between staff and residents since we are happy to speak both English and German languages.


The helpers fo every day life - special staff

  • We have well trained staff who can perform various forms of special care and treatments.
  • Our workers at daytime:
    • nurses,
    • physiotherapist,
    • matron,
    • social worker
    • social gerontologist
    • mental health professional
    • waiter/waitress -, who also works as social helper, talking partner for our residents.
  • There are skilled nurses work in the night.
  • Most inportant information about aour health care system:
    • Physician visit once a week (complete health check for every resident),
    • Nurologist-psychiatrist head physician checkup visit once a month,
    • Physiotherapist 5 times a week, 8 hours a day
    • once a month, a rehabilitation chief physician comes to our facility to exam our residents.
    • Our physicians have flexible schedule and can be called in case of emergency or special other reason.
    • Except the above listed, it is possible to go for other special services (for example: eye check -> glasses, ear-nose-throat check -> hearing device) with custom pre-schedule by the bus of the Lifetree Nursing Home with the assistance of our staff and nurses.
    • Hospitals and special care facilities can be found in the neighbourhood cities (Hévíz, Keszthely), and at the capital of regions (for example Zalaegerszeg that has one of the best cardiology center in the country.)


Special professional health care services in house

  • Blood test with next day results.
  • Basic infusion treatment is allowed in our Lifetree Nursery Home.
  • The chief nurse is here actively 5 days a week to make sure health care treatments are carried out properly. You can call her anytime, and she helps also if ambulance is needed.
  • It is possible for physicotherapy treatments with the most modern training equipments our gym. The list of equipments available for our residents:
    • electronically adjustable bed
    • electric massage machine
    • electrotherapic stimulator
    • vibrating massage couch
    • electric elliptic trainer
    • electric excercise bycicle
    • electric bike - for disabled people
    • stomach muscle trainer bench
    • Both private and group physiotherapy trainings are available (excellent results can be achieved with that in the rehabilitation program after stroke or fractured hip bone).
  • If doctor prescribes or you need it, you can visit our Tibetian and Parjad salt room that can have a very positive effect on your body and soul with the additional light therapy as well.
  • Drugs are controlled and issued by the matron after a physician's consultation. Every drugs used in other countries with the same active ingredients - but maybe under a different name - are available in Hungary.
  • Important information for disabled people that our facility is completely suits EU accessibility standards and you can use an elevator as well. Outside residents can move around with a wheelchair and/or a rollator.


Special services

  • If our elderly residents' condition requires, our staff is eager to help with bathing, creaming, dressing, eating and drinking.
  • Washing: it is resolved in our Nursery Home, a third company is taking care of cleaning the bed sheets and blankets.
  • Rooms and community halls are cleaned regularry every day.
  • A hair dresser and a manicure-pedicure specialist visits our facility once a week.
  • Special programs and services that helps our residents to have a significantly better quality of life:

MONDAY - manicure-pedicure

TUESDAY - cultural day (Hungarian lessons; movies in Hungarian and German languages according to the actual holidays and seasons)
                  - group physiotherapy

WEDNESDAY - club afternoon, coffe club (board games, cards, talking about photographs by a cup of tea/coffee and cookies)

THURSDAY - group physiotherapy
                     - hairdresser

FRIDAY - karaoke-morning, the favourite program of our residents, because of the joy of playing music together
               - cooking together in the afternoon

SATURDAY - Once in two weeks a priest comes and celebrates a mass in Hungarian and a foreign language as well

  • It is posssible to participate in hiking trips. Our experience is that in the summer season, visiting coffeee places in Hévíz is very popular for our residents.
  • Shopping is available weekly for our residents, so they can buy whatever else they need.
  • Our residents who have birthday will get a nice, loveful celebration. We always prepare with a cake, champagne and a little surprise as well.
  • Mail is coming to our facility, Hungarian and German newspapers are also available.


Kitchen and dining

  • We cook for residents are in our Nursing Home.
  • Dietetic and/or special allergen free food is available for those who have health problems.
  • Pulped food - and help with feeding - is also available.
  • Our residents can eat five times a day:

    three main course
    a morning 10 o'clock meal
    a snack (cakes or fruit salad, usually from fresh fruits if they are available. Shake, for example is very popular in the summer)

  • In the daily community rooms our residents can have "all you can eat" fruit that also helps to feel home.
  • Outdoors there is a garden where our residents can work on their on plantation if they want (onion, parsley or salsads). These services are created to establish free and natural environment compare to standard life as much as possible.


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