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Welcome to the Lifetree Nursing Home in Nemesbük!

 The Lifetree Nursing Home opened on March 20, 2014 in Nemesbük. Ever since we do everything that those who live here will have loving and caring, cosy environment.
Every dear resident starts a new life in our facility. It means an unknown environment with brand new people around where all elderly can live freely. As the directors of the Nursing Home, our mission is to create the material and manpower needed to establish free life for our residents. We both accept mentally and physically mobile people as well as those who have health problems.

Our goal is that everyone is able to move around the Nursing Home inside and outside freely as well if they wish and their physical conditions let them to do that. Hévíz is 4 kilometres away, has a world known spa lake, that can be approached with the bus of our facility and/or your own car.
If you wish to freely walk around in the garden, that is fine. If you want to take a sunbath when the weather is good, do so. It is similar to if you would be in a nice hotel...

We who work here all think that it is important and help our residents to freely move around as much as possible, without any limits.


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